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Legal custody involves making key decisions for the child

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Divorce

One contentious aspect of divorce is child custody. Custody is split into two parts; legal custody and physical custody. Physical custody involves where the child will live each day. Legal custody, on the other hand, involves how parents will make key decisions related to the child. 

What kind of issues are covered by legal custody

The child’s education 

In some cases, one parent is given full legal custody. In others, parents split legal custody. In any case, one of the first issues that has to be addressed is the child’s education. 

Where will a child be educated? Will they be educated at home or online? Will they be privately schooled or attend public school? Which parent will be responsible for covering the fees, uniform costs and transportation? These are all educational issues that parents with decision-making authority must navigate. 

The child’s medical needs 

Parents with legal custody also have decision-making authority in terms of the medical treatment that their child receives. For example, which insurance provider will the child be covered by? Which medical facility will they attend? 

Medical decision-making should also consider emergencies. Who has the ultimate say should the child fall ill suddenly or get into an accident? 

Religious practices 

Legal custody also concerns the religious practices of a child. Should the child be brought up following the traditions of a particular faith? What if one parent objects? Can the child practice non-religious elements when with their other parent? 

The above issues all have to be negotiated and drafted into a custody arrangement. Having legal guidance behind you during your divorce will help ensure that the needs of your child are met.