2. Husband and wife were facing a foreclosure on their home as they had fallen behind on both their first and second mortgages. They also had a large amount of other, unsecured debt. When they came to us the value of their house was less than the balance owed on the first mortgage. We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on their behalf, allowing them to keep their house, and were successful in having the US Bankruptcy Court “strip off” the second mortgage. This means that the second mortgage is no longer a secured loan on the house and will be discharged along with all of the other unsecured debt upon completion of their Chapter 13 plan.

3. Client owned a condominium in Florida and he could no longer afford to make the monthly mortgage payments and was unable to sell it for enough money to pay off the mortgage balance. He was able to file a bankruptcy in Massachusetts and in doing so discharged the mortgage and walked away from the property in Florida without any liability and without surrendering any of his other property.

4. Client had accumulated debt associated with her business for which she was personally responsible and unable to repay. In filing her bankruptcy, she was able to discharge that debt, along with other debts, and still keep her business.

5. Client owned a family business and fell behind on his mortgage payments when the economy and his business slowed down. A foreclosure was scheduled. The client for years paid his bills and raised a family at the same time. Business began to pick up but his bank was unwilling to work with him and demanded full payment. Our attorney put the client into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which stopped the foreclosure and gave the client some breathing room.

6. We disputed the amount the bank was claiming was due including their claim for legal fees and foreclosure costs. In addition, the Department of Revenue filed a claim alleging taxes due for previous years. We hired a Certified Public Accountant, and along with his expertise, we are able to dispute their claim as well. Both matters will be resolved the Bankruptcy Judge who clearly understands the issues. One year later, the client remains in his home and his business is in operation once again.

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