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Divorce Case Results

1. Husband and wife in a long-term marriage with three children. Wife has some substance issues. Husband comes out of the closet and reveals that he is gay. The estate of the parties was estimated in the millions. Through some court intervention, along with successful and powerful negotiations and strategy, husband remained with the children, retained the marital home, and the debt on the marital home and other business debt is paid off in full.

2. Clients’ husband vacated the home leaving behind a wife and four young children. The husband was a high wage earner throughout the marriage and the wife had worked part-time before she stayed home with the children. The husband moved into the home of a significant other far away from the children. The husband claimed to be “unemployed” for three years. He actually failed to seek employment. At trial, we were able to convince the judge that the husband was willfully remaining unemployed, hiding assets, and using assets for his own purpose. The judge imputed income to the husband consistent with what he was earning during the marriage and the wife was awarded both alimony and child support based on the husband’s prior earnings and not what he claimed to be earning at the time of trial. (Shortly after the judge’s decision, the husband in fact found employment equal to the earning capacity assigned to him by the judge).

3. In a highly contested custody matter, the Wife was awarded sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ children. At trial, we proved that the husband had distanced himself so much and was estranged from his own children, that it clearly was in the best interests of the children that the mother have both physical and legal custody. Thereafter, the husband had abused the legal system by filing frivolous motions over the years, and through successful representation, our client not only prevailed at every occasion, the judge ordered that the ex-spouse pay her attorney’s fees.

Family Law Case Results

1. An unmarried mother living in New York was granted custody of her daughter after splitting with the father. The mother and daughter subsequently moved to Massachusetts. Years later, the daughter began expressing her strong desire to live with her father in New York. Despite this, the mother continually refused to give up physical custody of her daughter. The father, still residing in New York, retained the firm to represent him at trial at the Norfolk County Probate and Family Court. The firm was successful in getting the Judge to award physical custody of the daughter to the father, with the mother obligated to pay weekly child support, even though she was unemployed at the time.

2. 62-year-old grandmother came to the firm seeking custody of her 5-year-old granddaughter because client’s daughter (mother of granddaughter) had a severe addition to alcohol while the father of the child also had a severe alcohol addiction as well as a criminal history. Over the objections of both the child’s mother and father, the firm was successful in proving to the Probate and Family Court that it was in the child’s best interest that the grandmother be appointed guardian, with the court also ordering the mother and father into drug and alcohol screening. The child is now thriving under the loving care of the grandmother and the mother now has improved to the point that she has scheduled visits with her daughter.

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