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Personal Injury Case Results

1. A 46-year-old woman injured her back when she was in a car accident involving another driver who was operating a rental car. Although tests showed that there was no damage to her spine, she continued to suffer from back pain well after the accident. The insurance company only offered $3,500 as a settlement on her case, prompting the firm to file a law suit against the other driver. Shortly prior to trial, our client received $45,000 the full policy limit of $20,000 under the automobile insurance of the rental company and an additional $25,000 from the other driver’s personal automobile insurance coverage.

2. A 61-year-old passenger on a bus was thrown forward when the bus stopped in order to avoid a collision between two vehicles in front of the bus. She suffered from a seizure and also sustained a right clavicle fracture. The case was made difficult due to the fact that the client could not recall how the accident happened. Despite this, the case settled a few days prior to trial for $51,000.00.

3. Client was in motorcycle accident which resulted in second degree burns on his back and a fracture of his left wrist. His burns required extensive treatment in the hospital, including debridement surgery with grafting from his thigh, and he also underwent three operations on his wrist. He missed eleven weeks of work but eventually recovered sufficiently such that he was able to engage in most of his pre-injury activities, including riding his motorcycle. Through persistent negotiations, and the engagement of an orthopedic expert, the firm was successful in obtaining a settlement in the amount of $500,000 to resolve our client’s claim.

4. Elderly client tripped and fell while entering a restaurant due to a ripple in a rug that was not properly secured to the ground. She tore ligaments in her right arm. Despite the insurance company’s denial of liability, the firm secured a settlement for the client in the amount of $50,000 for her pain and suffering.

5. Client was riding on a motorcycle in New York when she was struck by a van. Upon impact, her motorcycle burst into flames and she was thrown onto the side of the road. She received second degree burns on her left hand and left leg and a torn rotator cuff of her left shoulder. The firm was successful in obtaining a settlement in the amount of $175,000 to resolve her claim.

6. Clients, a husband and wife, were traveling on a highway when their car was rear-ended. She received a concussion and soft tissue injuries to her neck and back while he also suffered from soft tissue injuries to his neck as well as impingement of his right shoulder. The wife recovered $40,000 for her injuries and the husband recovered $50,000 for his injuries through the aggressive and diligent efforts of the firm.

7. Client had just picked up her son from day care when her car was struck by another vehicle. As a result of the accident, she experienced headaches and pain as a result of muscle strains in her neck and back. After an initial offer of only $3,000, the client received $25,000 in a mediated settlement prior to trial.

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