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3 reasons people pursue personal injury claims in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Many people have a negative opinion of personal injury claims. People talk skeptically about frivolous lawsuits and large judgments, often sharing half-truths or urban legends. For example, one of the most famous personal injury cases involves someone burned with coffee at a fast food restaurant. People often talk about the case as an example of an unwarranted and large settlement, but the actual medical records make it clear that the person who was burned suffered significant medical consequences. Most personal injury claims have a basis in real-world financial losses that one party causes for someone else through their intentional behavior or negligence.

There are many types of situations that might lead people to seek financial justice in the civil courts, and the three categories of claims below are among the most common scenarios that give rise to personal injury lawsuits.

Motor vehicle collisions

Perhaps a pedestrian got knocked down by someone on a bicycle who didn’t have any insurance. Maybe there was a fatal car crash that left behind a dependent spouse with young children and insufficient resources from insurance to replace the wages of the deceased individual. When car crashes leave people with expenses that insurance doesn’t cover, the case may end up in civil court.

Premises liability claims

Some people get injured because of poor property maintenance or unsafe business practices. Someone might slip and fall at a grocery store because the owner doesn’t keep enough workers on staff to keep the space clean and safe for visitors. A tenant in an apartment building might sue their landlord when they break a leg because the handrail fails when they fall down the stairs. When poor property maintenance or negligent security leads to someone getting hurt on another party’s property, a premises liability lawsuit may soon follow.

Defective product claims

Maybe someone bought a hoverboard for their child for Christmas, only to have the device short out and cause a fire in the garage that damaged their vehicle. Perhaps someone’s vehicle had a faulty component and they ended up in a crash because of it. When companies release dangerous products to the public, consumers may end up pursuing lawsuits because they get hurt when the products fail.

Aggressive animals, illegal business practices, violent criminal activity and substandard professional services could also all lead to individuals filing a lawsuit for damages against another party. A violation of the law or best practices and also verifiable damages are often the components of successful personal injury lawsuits. Evaluating a situation to see if a personal injury claim is warranted may benefit those who are struggling to cover the expenses generated as a result of an incident that caused injuries due to another’s negligence or intentional conduct.