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Social media and divorce – steps to protect yourself 

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is hard, even under the best circumstances. The last thing you want to do is make things harder on yourself by bringing social media into the mix. 

Today, people use social media for a myriad of purposes. If you are like most, you probably like to keep updated with friends and family and post updates about your life. However, when going through a divorce, social media can be problematic. Keep the tips here in mind to safely use social media and avoid complicating your divorce proceedings. 

Update your privacy settings

Ask friends and family members to avoid tagging you in posts or photos during your divorce. Even when you use the highest privacy settings, nothing you post online is really private. If you know, there are people you won’t be friends with when your divorce is final, unfriend them now. This will ensure they can’t see your posts or engage in harassing behavior. 

Take your relationship status down

It’s best to avoid adding anything about your relationship while you are going through a divorce. You can update it again once you finalize your divorce. 

Avoid discussing the divorce proceedings on social media

Even if you and your spouse agree on matters related to your divorce, you shouldn’t share about it on social media. This includes any related element, including settlements, negotiations or child custody. 

Protecting yourself through a divorce

Divorce can be complicated and messy. You can reduce some of the stress of the situation by avoiding social media while your divorce is going on. Knowing your legal rights can help and ensure that you don’t post or do something that may somehow negatively impact your case.