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When can debt collectors call me?

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Bankruptcy

Struggling with debt can feel like an uphill climb. When you start getting collection calls, the situation can leave you feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.

Debt collector phone calls can seem intimidating. After all, a stranger is calling you asking about a debt that you would already prefer not to think about.

Here’s what you should know about the limitations debt collectors have on when they can call you about a debt.

What they cannot do

Debt collectors have rules they must follow, or they risk legal consequences. In Massachusetts, there are regulations that attempt to curb some of the most frustrating debt collector practices, such as:

  • Calling your home more than twice during a seven-day period for the same debt
  • Calling your workplace if you have requested they not call
  • Calling without identifying themselves
  • Talking to friends, relatives or employers about your debt

When debt collectors break state and federal guidelines in their tactics, they risk their ability to continue to collect debts.

What they can do

While receiving collection calls is frustrating, debt collectors who follow the rules can continue to do so while there is still an outstanding debt. Collection calls that come at reasonable hours (unless you have specified specific alternate hours) and are not harassing in nature are typically allowed.

Keep in mind, there are still ways you can communicate with debt collectors, so you still have control over the situation. For example, you can request that collectors not call your workplace.