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Contentious child custody battles and your family’s future

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce and child custody proceedings create upheaval for a family. Hostile battles may set the stage for chaotic futures. Knowledge of your rights will help you to navigate the difficult landscape of divorce and child custody conflicts.

Complex custody issues include:

  • High-conflict custody litigation: Child custody proceedings are emotionally daunting. Your top priorities must be the protection of your rights and your child’s well-being
  • Relocations: The court must give permission to a custodial parent to move out of state with the child
  • Parental alienation: One parent may attempt to separate the other parent from the child’s life. You have the right to build a healthy relationship with your child

Massachusetts child custody orders

Factors determining the court’s child custody decisions include:

  • The child’s welfare
  • The child’s relationship with the parents
  • The child’s conduct in school
  • Parental abuse
  • One parent’s history as the primary caregiver
  • The child’s preference

The Full Faith and Credit Law

Federal laws support the custody rulings made by the Massachusetts courts. A federal law known as the Full Faith and Credit Law requires every state to enforce a child support order by a court of another state.

Divorce and child custody issues are life-changing events for every member of your family. Protecting your parental rights and the safety and security of your children will determine the quality of life of all family members for years to come. Understanding the facts about child custody can enable you to manage the painful difficulties imposed by divorce and custody disputes.