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How can mobile apps help divorcees coparent?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Divorce

Parenting is a tough job; after a divorce, it can become even tougher. If you and your former spouse coparent, you need to find a way to communicate, track expenses and track important dates.

USA Today provides a list of different coparenting applications that parents can download to ease the coparenting struggles. Parents can reap several benefits from using a coparenting app.

Child support and alimony tracker

Some apps provide an alimony or child support tracker. The spouse who pays support can receive notifications and reminders so that he or she does not forget to pay. Likewise, the spouse who receives support can post receipts to show the expense of the child’s needs and where the money goes. There are also money trackers that allow parents to list expenses that they pay for.

Coparenting interactive calendar

Even before a divorce, you may have found it difficult to keep track of important dates and appointments. When you share custody, you have more dates to keep track of. You can add important events, appointments and visitation dates into the interactive calendar. When you have an interactive calendar, you and your spouse should not have to question who has the child during holidays or other occasions.

Communication application

After a divorce, couples may have difficulty communicating. Some applications allow you to send messages to your former spouse. The app timestamps and records your conversations. Apps may even timestamp when one party reads the message. Not only does this ensure that there are no missed communications but you can use the conversations in court if necessary.