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What is the foundation of the child support guidelines?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Firm News

When a court orders child support in your case, you may wonder how it developed the system by which it determines how much you will pay.

According to the Child Support Guidelines of Massachusetts on Mass.gov, lawmakers give consideration to set principles and standards that aim to make these rules fair and just.

Basic principles

The focus of lawmakers is always on the child and what is best for him or her, and child support has a goal of upholding the financial obligations each parent has to the child. These guidelines also aim to ensure your child has the highest standard of living possible while also protecting him or her from financial happenings that could negatively affect his or her standard of living.

General considerations

When creating the guidelines, lawmakers want to ensure that each parent has a reasonable level of income by which to support his or her own household while paying support. They also encourage courts to tailor support orders to the specific needs of each child and family.

The standards tell judges that they must consider the contributions that each of you makes to your child that are not monetary and any other monetary support outside of court-ordered child support.

Duties of parents and lawmakers

Lawmakers make it clear that parents have the responsibility for additional expenses that come from living in two separate homes and these expenses should not impact the child support obligation. For the courts, lawmakers and others in the system, it is their duty to make the process as easy and consistent as possible.