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Divorce could make you a better parent

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Divorce

Sometimes, couples will worry about parenting after divorce. This may even cause them to consider staying together when they’re unhappy in the marriage. They believe that the child needs to have two married parents, and they think that’s the optimal scenario for their child’s development.

But the truth is that children need to have two involved parents, and most studies show that this involvement does help with their growth, development, maturity and even academic success. But those parents don’t necessarily have to be married in order to provide this support for their child. In fact, there are cases in which divorced individuals may be better parents than they would’ve been if they stayed married.

Addressing conflict levels

The problem is that high levels of conflict between two adults detract from their ability to parent their children. Adults who are constantly in conflict with one another are more focused on their own issues and have less time for the kids. On top of that, it creates a stressful home life that can be problematic for the children.

After divorce, though, the overall stress level goes down. Parents are able to refocus on their children, putting their personal issues aside. You may be a much happier and more fulfilled parent after your marriage ends, and the low-conflict living situation could be much better for your child’s overall development.

Every divorce case is unique, of course. But parents who are going through this process need to take the time to carefully consider their legal options. There are many ways to put children first and focus on a positive future when going through a divorce.