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Handling false allegations of an affair during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Divorce

There are many different issues to consider when it comes to divorce, from the long-term impact of ending a marriage to some of the immediate challenges that one faces while working through their divorce. If you are facing false allegations of an affair, it is important to understand how these claims can impact you both in the near future and down the road.

In fact, allegations of infidelity can have an impact on how a divorce plays out in court.

Understanding how these claims can affect a divorce case

According to the Arizona Legislature, adultery is treated as a misdemeanor in this state. Even though the Arizona Legislature states that adultery is not punished unless one’s spouse complains, many people decide to file for divorce because of an affair and some courts view those accused of infidelity poorly. It is important to consider the laws in your state and realize that in some places, having an affair can lead to a less favorable outcome with respect to various divorce matters. For example, an affair can impact one’s reputation and the way in which a court judges one’s character (which plays an important role in child custody decisions and other aspects of divorce).

Understanding your options during divorce

Sometimes, people falsely accuse their ex of an affair because of a lack of trust and personal issues, but some people intentionally lie about their ex in order to gain an edge during divorce and it is pivotal for you to recognize your options and strategies to defend yourself if you are in this position. Make sure you take a firm stand for your legal rights and take a look at different ways to protect your reputation during this challenging time.