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Is The Property Owner Responsible For Your Injuries?

The owner of property is not liable for every accident that may take place on his premises. However, in Massachusetts, the property owner is responsible for accidents that occur as a result of his negligence or the negligence of his agents and employees.

For example, a store owner may be responsible for injuries to a customer resulting from an accumulation of liquid on the floor if the owner or his employees were responsible for the liquid being on the floor, or if they knew or reasonably should have known of its existence and failed to take the steps necessary to remove it.

Similarly, the owner of a house may be responsible for someone’s injuries that resulted from a fall caused by a loose step, inadequate lighting or other defective condition.

In some situations, there may be more than one person or company at fault and, therefore, responsible for your injuries. One such example is where a property owner has hired a company to clean the floors, and someone slips and falls on the floor because there were no signs posted warning that the floor was being cleaned and was slippery. In such cases, both the property owner and the cleaning company may be liable for the injuries resulting from that slip-and-fall accident.

Taking All The Necessary Steps To Resolve Your Claims

With all accident claims it is important that certain steps be promptly taken. An attorney will make sure that the following actions are completed:

  • A thorough examination of the site of the accident is conducted
  • Witnesses are interviewed concerning how the accident occurred
  • Local codes are reviewed to determine whether the landowner was in violation
  • Reports from police or other agencies are obtained
  • Written notice of the accident is sent to the landowner

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