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How Traumatic Head Injuries Occur

All too often, accidents result in severe head trauma. The medical conditions resulting from severe head trauma greatly impact the victim, resulting in serious and often long-term injuries, ranging from recurring headaches to permanent brain damage. The victim’s family is also affected, especially in cases where the injured person can no longer communicate effectively.

At the Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, we are known for our ability to help victims of traumatic injuries recover the compensation they need and deserve. We have experience handling head and brain injuries resulting from a wide variety of accidents, including:

To arrange a free initial consultation with our experienced Massachusetts head and brain injury attorneys, please call our Franklin office at 508-528-8885. You can also contact our firm online.

Strong, Compassionate Representation For Injured People And Families

Head injuries are always serious, whether we are talking about a concussion or a traumatic brain injury. The most important thing to do is seek medical treatment immediately — your health is the most important thing. The doctor will be able to document the nature of your injury, which will be a critical factor in securing workers’ compensation or winning a personal injury lawsuit.

Our Massachusetts head injury lawyer is dedicated to uncovering the facts behind accidents that take place in our state. More than that, we get to know our clients and their families, and we seek to understand how the injury will affect our clients in the long term. With that understanding, we are in a good position to build a case for fair compensation.

We know that no amount of financial recovery can restore things back to the way they were before the accident. But a successful legal outcome can give you and your family the resources you need to begin moving forward.

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For a free initial consultation to discuss your injuries or the injuries suffered by your loved one, please call our Franklin office at 508-528-8885. You can also contact us online.