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Your Rights In A Rental Car Accident

If you are injured in a motor vehicle crash involving a rental car, your legal rights for recovery are essentially the same as in any other type of motor vehicle accident. The main difference is that there may be more than one automobile insurance policy from which you can collect for compensation of your property damage and/or bodily injuries.

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How Rental Car Coverage Works

In Massachusetts, if the person who rented the rental car opted out of insurance coverage on the rental car, then any such claims against that person resulting from an accident would be made against his or her household insurance policies.

If, however, the person who rented the rental car opted for the insurance coverage on the rental car, there could be two insurance companies that would be potentially responsible: the insurance company providing insurance coverage on the rental car as well as the insurance company providing household policies insuring vehicles owned by the person who rented the car.

In most cases, the insurance that the rental car companies carry on their rental vehicles provides minimal limits of coverage for matters such as property damage and bodily injury claims. The insurance policy on the rental vehicle would be primarily responsible for payment, meaning that it will provide initial coverage. Any additional insurance coverage would come from the household policies of the individual who rented the rental car.

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