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Modifying Alimony Due To A Material Change In Circumstances

As is the case with many other family law matters, orders of alimony may be modified, either in duration or amount, due to a material change in circumstances. Examples of a material change in circumstance that may warrant a modification of an alimony order include:

  • The loss of employment of the paying spouse
  • Change of income of the paying or receiving spouse
  • The onset of serious illness of the receiving spouse
  • Increase in need of the recipient spouse

Any such modification of alimony could be permanent, indefinite or for a fixed period of time, at the discretion of the judge.

Modifying Alimony Under The Alimony Reform Act

In addition to the traditional grounds of a material change in circumstances, complaints for modification of alimony may now be filed pursuant to the Alimony Reform Act by a payor who is presently ordered to pay alimony in excess of the term limits allowed under that law. The Alimony Reform Act provides for various dates on or after which such modifications may be filed, based upon the length of the marriage.

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