When Child Visitation Concerns Arise

Parents must arrange a parenting and visitation plan that works out for the both of them. The Boston and Franklin child visitation attorney of Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, will seek a parenting plan that considers the best interests for both you and your child.

At Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, our family law attorney will represent you in negotiating a parenting plan that meets your needs. We will discuss with you any custody issues, disputes and what is most important to you in coming to a visitation agreement. Whether you would like to allow for flexibility or be as detailed as possible, we will seek the best possible schedule to meet those expectations.

You have a right to spend time with your child. Speak to our Boston child visitation lawyer. Call our Franklin law office at 508-528-8885. You can also send us an email .

Quality Time With Your Child

A custodial parent is the parent with whom a child lives on a day-to-day basis. Parenting plans differ from a custody agreement in that they generally allow for the noncustodial parent to schedule time to spend with the child. The schedule is usually very detailed and takes into consideration the frequency and time visitations occur. Schedules vary from which weekends to what holidays and vacations a noncustodial parent would be given parenting time.

In the rare instance that one parent receives sole custody due to child abuse or neglect, the other parent can still seek supervised visitation. These visitations may encompass parents and children arriving and leaving at different times in order to avoid confrontation. A designated person is present to monitor the situation.

We can also seek a modification in an agreement in the event that a schedule no longer works for you. There must be a substantial change in circumstances, such as a change in employment, neglect on the part of a parent or remarriage. If you are facing relocation, especially if out of state, you must get the other party's consent or approval by the court to take your child with you.

Contact A Child Visitation Attorney To Find Out More

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