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Understanding Premises Liability Cases

See examples of premises liability cases and what can be involved in them.

Man Assaulted By Employee Of Repair Shop

Client went to repair shop to discuss a tire that had been damaged when the shop mounted it on his son’s car. An argument ensued and an employee of the repair shop assaulted the client, resulting in a permanent injury to one of his fingers. After a several day trial which focused on who had initiated the assault (other than the client, all of the witnesses were either employees or patrons of the repair shop), the jury returned a judgment in favor of the client.

Restaurant Patron Tripped On Rug

An elderly woman was entering a restaurant with friends when she tripped due to a ripple in a large rug, resulting in a rotator cuff tear of her shoulder. Arguing that the rug was not adequately secured to the floor, the firm was able to obtain a generous settlement from the insurance company of the restaurant.

Tenant Fell Through Front Porch

Tenant was about to enter into the front door of the house where she rented an apartment when her leg fell through the floor boards of the porch. A claim was presented through the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance policy based upon the landlord’s failure to properly maintain the porch. The firm negotiated a settlement with which the client was extremely satisfied.

Man Tripped Over Large Rock On Sidewalk

Client was walking home from a restaurant at night when he fell over a very large rock which was resting on the sidewalk, causing him to sustain a broken arm. After an investigation determined that the rock had fallen from a stone wall that was on a hill above the sidewalk, a claim was made against the owner of the property, arguing that the accident resulted due to the wall being in disrepair. The firm thereafter successfully negotiated a settlement for the client.

Tenant Slipped In Water At Entrance of Building

Woman slipped in water that had accumulated due to improper drainage at the entrance to her apartment building, causing her to fall and injure her shoulder. After lawsuit was filed against the owner of the apartment building and prior to her case going to trial, a settlement was reached with the insurance company.

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