The Process For Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits

Being approved for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) can be a long and difficult process. The claim for benefits is started by filling out an initial application either online on the Social Security Administration's website (, or at a local Social Security Administration office. Information is collected concerning the person requesting the benefits (referred to as the "claimant"), focusing primarily on the claimant's work history, nature of the disability and the names and addresses of the treating doctors and facilities, along with the treatment received.

What If There Is A Denial Of My Application?

If the application for benefits is denied, the claimant has 60 days within which to file a request for reconsideration. The request for reconsideration is essentially a re-determination of the initial application, with the claimant given the opportunity to submit additional medical documentation in support of the application for benefits.

If the request for reconsideration is also denied, the claimant is again given 60 days to appeal further, with the claim now coming before an administrative law judge for a hearing. At this stage, the claimant is afforded the opportunity to testify as to his or her medical condition. Often, an expert witness, such as a physician and/or vocational expert, is also present to provide testimony to the administrative law judge. Following the close of the record, the administrative law judge renders a written decision with a detailed analysis of the facts and the applicable law and a determination as to whether the claimant is or is not entitled to the benefits requested.

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