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Financial hardship is a common cause of divorce, and yet divorce can lead to even more financial stress when a divorced party finds there is no longer income to pay the bills. At Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, we can discuss with you the options of bankruptcy and divorce together.

Considering Bankruptcy And Divorce Together

You may be wondering when is the best time to file for divorce and, if you have debt, if bankruptcy is an option. You may be asking when you should file for bankruptcy and if you should file jointly with your spouse or if you should wait until the divorce is completed. All of these questions are important. The answers will depend upon your particular circumstances.

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At the law firm of Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, our Boston and Franklin divorce and bankruptcy lawyer can talk with you about the best option for moving forward, given your particular situation. We give all of our clients individualized attention and quality bankruptcy advice. We examine each individual marriage and factors such as the particular debt you owe and how well the parties get along. We look at any real estate you and your spouse own and any mortgages you and your spouse owe.

After looking at all the factors surrounding your marriage, we can then determine what will be the best steps toward securing your financial future. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy before making a divorce agreement is better because both spouses go into negotiations knowing what debt they owe. However, every situation is different. That is why you need a Boston bankruptcy attorney to analyze your situation.

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Do not wait for your finances to get worse. For more information about Massachusetts divorce and bankruptcy or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, please contact us. You can send us an email to our divorce and bankruptcy lawyer, or call our Franklin office at 508-528-8885. From our office locations, we help clients with bankruptcy and divorce in Wrentham, Boston and surrounding areas.

When representing consumer debtors in connection with bankruptcy, the Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, is a debt relief agency as defined by the Bankruptcy Code, 11 USC § 101(12A).