Recovering Compensation Following A Taxicab Accident

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a taxi cab, your legal rights for recovery are essentially the same as in any other type of motor vehicle accident.

What Coverage Applies In Taxicab Accidents

If you were a passenger in a taxi cab that is involved in a car accident, you are entitled to the Personal Injury Protection benefits (PIP benefits) under the insurance policy providing insurance coverage on the taxi cab. That is also the case if you are hit by a taxi while you were a pedestrian or while riding a bicycle. The PIP benefits will provide payment of medical bills for treatment of the injuries received in the car accident as well as lost wages incurred due to the accident.

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If the accident was the fault of the taxi cab driver, you will also have a bodily injury claim against the owner of the taxi as well as the driver, whether you were a passenger in the cab or a passenger or operator of the other vehicle involved in the accident. Under the bodily injury claim, you can recover for your medical costs, lost wages and/or earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering that resulted from the accident with the taxi cab.

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