Attorney Helping Injured Motorcyclists

Everyone has seen the signs and bumper stickers: "Motorcycles are Everywhere. Look Twice, Save a Life." This ad campaign was started as a way of bringing awareness to the special concerns that motorcyclists face concerning visibility and right of way issues. Despite this awareness, motorcyclists are inherently more at risk in roadway accidents than are individuals driving automobiles, vans, trucks or sports utility vans (SUVs). And today, due to the higher costs of gasoline, there are an ever-increasing number of motorcycles on the road.

The Injuries Motorcycle Riders Suffer

The bottom line is that motorcyclists are more vulnerable to serious bodily injuries when they are involved in an accident. The types of serious injuries that often befall motorcyclists include:

  • Broken bones, such as wrist fractures, ankle fractures, fractured arms and legs
  • Head and brain injuries, including concussions and subdural hematomas
  • Knee injuries, such as fractures or dislocations of the kneecap, torn meniscus or torn medial or collateral ligaments
  • Burn injuries, often resulting when the motorcycle ignites from impact

In the most unfortunate of situations, the accident may result in a fatality, leading to a wrongful death claim brought by the estate of the deceased.

Finding Compensation For Motorcycle Riders

In addition to the more serious injuries that often accompany motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists must also deal with the fact that the Massachusetts automobile insurance policy does not provide coverage for payment of medical expenses. This means that persons injured in motorcycle accidents will be faced with unpaid medical bills and/or a large lien of a health insurance carrier that need to be paid out of any money recovered from the accident.

No matter how careful you are on a motorcycle, it may be impossible to avoid an accident caused by another driver. And when a motorcycle accident does occur, it often results in catastrophic injuries. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need the right lawyer by your side. Attorney Ira Yellin at the Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, is an experienced personal injury litigator who will aggressively and professionally pursue your case. He will be there for you in your time of need.

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