Handling Your Contested Divorce In Court

Divorce is more emotional and contentious when spouses cannot come to an agreement on some or any of the divorce issues. This is called a contested divorce and requires immediate representation from an experienced Boston divorce attorney.

Representing Your Interests In Divorce Cases

At the Massachusetts law firm of Law Offices of Ira C. Yellin, LLC, we seek to provide effective and high-quality representation for all of our divorce clients. Especially in a contested divorce proceeding, where issues cannot currently be resolved, you need the skills of our divorce attorneys from now until the divorce is finalized or a divorce settlement is reached.

If a divorce filing is contested, we can help you in the process of filing for divorce and also represent you in getting temporary orders to address issues that cannot wait until the divorce is finalized (in contested divorce cases, it will take a minimum of six months to be finalized). A temporary order will address critical issues, such as:

During the divorce proceedings, we will aggressively and diligently represent you for the best possible outcome for your situation. This includes initial court appearances, filing proper motions and investigating your spouse's finances. We can also help in high net worth divorce cases and divorces involving bankruptcy.

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