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Bankruptcy Cases

Client came to us shortly before her house was scheduled for auction sale due to her being behind on her mortgage payments. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy was filed the day prior to the auction, stopping the foreclosure and allowing her to continue living in her house . With the Chapter 13 plan, the client will be paying her mortgage arrears and a small percentage of her other debts spread out over the next five years.

Husband and wife were facing a foreclosure on their home as they had fallen behind on both their first and second mortgages. They also had a large amount of other, unsecured debt. When they came to us the value of their house was less than the balance owed on the first mortgage. We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on their behalf, stopping the foreclosure, and were successful in having the US Bankruptcy Court "strip off" the second mortgage. This means that they no longer had a second mortgage, saving them thousands of dollars so that they can now afford to stay in their house.

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Divorce Cases

I was extremely pleased by the work of attorney Yellin in my divorce case. When I realized that my ex -wife wanted a divorce I spoke with several attorneys competing for my business and knew within a few minutes that attorney Yellin was the right man for the job. I never regretted my decision for a minute throughout the 18 month divorce.

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Personal Injury Cases

Client was in motorcycle accident which resulted in second degree burns on his back and a fracture of his left wrist. His burns required extensive treatment in the hospital, including debridement surgery with grafting from his thigh, and he also underwent three operations on his wrist. He missed eleven weeks of work but eventually recovered sufficiently such that he was able to engage in most of his pre-injury activities, including riding his motorcycle. Through persistent negotiations, and the engagement of an orthopedic expert, the firm was successful in obtaining a settlement in the amount of $500,000 to resolve our client's claim.

Elderly client tripped and fell while entering a restaurant due to a ripple in a rug that was not properly secured to the ground. She tore ligaments in her right arm. Despite the insurance company's denial of liability, the firm secured a settlement for the client in the amount of $50,000 for her pain and suffering.

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Workers' Compensation Cases

45 year old machine operator injured his back initially from heavy lifting and again when struck by a forklift. He underwent multiple operations for repair of a herniated disc. After collecting workers' compensation benefits for over 2 years his case was resolved by way of a lump sum settlement in the amount of $315,000. The firm also appealed the denial of his claim for social security disability benefits and after a hearing before an administrative law judge obtained a fully favorable decision for the client. The workers compensation settlement was prepared in such a way that the offset (reduction) of the client's social security disability benefits was removed.

Client injured her neck while working in the warehouse for a major car manufacturer. She collected workers' compensation total disability benefits for one year and then her benefits were reduced to partial disability. With less than a year remaining in her entitlement of partial disability benefits, the firm filed a claim on her behalf for total disability benefits. After several conferences before the Administrative Judge assigned to her case, the client received $300,000 as a settlement on her claim. The settlement was drafted in such a way that she also received an increase of several hundred dollars more per month in Social Security Disability benefits.

Environmental technical manager, who lived in Maine but worked in Massachusetts, lost his balance and fell at work, fracturing his left leg. He also had a rare degenerative muscle disease that contributed to the fracture not healing properly. The muscle disease progressed and the insurance company argued that the disease and not the broken leg was the major cause of the client's disability. Despite that complicating issue, we were able to keep the client on total disability benefits for over eight years and then obtained a settlement of $270,000 .

After returning to work following surgery from a back injury, service technician reinjured his back due to lifting a heavy air conditioning unit with three other employees, resulting in his undergoing another back surgery. Our office filed a claim for additional benefits against the employer based on the theory that the employer required our client to do heavy lifting despite its knowledge of his back injury. After getting the client on permanent and total disability benefits an agreement was reached to settle his claim for $300,000 . A few years later, the insurance company refused to reimburse the client for pain medications and a claim was filed on the client's behalf, resulting in the insurance company paying the client for those medical expenses.

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